Yoga For Parties And Private Groups

A Unique Way To Celebrate In The Palisades

Invite Yoga To Your Next Event!

The yoga instructors at Black Lotus Yoga in The Palisades would be delighted and honored to be a part of your celebration! Choose a refreshing yoga class for you and your guests to enjoy on-site or at our studio. From bachelorette parties and birthday parties to corporate events and social club nights, yoga classes provide a wonderful opportunity for friends and colleagues to enjoy positive, active fun with a unique, low-pressure bonding experience. Don’t have an event coming up? Switch up your Friday night, brighten a Saturday morning, or pump up the work week with a private group class! From Power Yoga to Restorative Flow or a balanced session of Vinyasa, Black Lotus Yoga has plenty of classes to choose from to fit the mood of your event.

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What Makes Yoga A Great Addition To The Party?

  • Perfect for all skill levels — modifiable for every guest
  • Positive, healthy environment
  • Easy to include everyone
  • Plenty of class styles to suite any event
  • Great for introverts and extroverts alike
  • Helps new groups break the ice
  • No clean-up or heavy equipment

Are you out of ideas for your next party or get-together? Why not give yoga a try? By blending dynamic movements with restorative poses, yoga delivers the perfect mix of active fun and relaxation. It’s also an extremely welcoming and accessible activity — guests of all levels will be able to participate. Our instructors can modify poses or entire sessions to fit the needs of each guest to ensure that no one is left on the sidelines.

If you’re trying to find a fun way for coworkers or new friends to get to know each other, yoga is a wonderful, low-pressure way to break the ice. Beginning your get-together with a yoga session can help everyone warm up, relax, and maybe even laugh! Even if some or most of your group is unfamiliar with yoga, our instructors can provide the right amount of guidance for everyone to work toward each pose safely and within their own abilities.

For seasoned yoga lovers, our private group classes provide a place for you and your friends to explore new poses, build on existing skills, and deepen your practice. Our instructors can tailor the class to loosen and relax specific areas, strengthen and challenge target muscle groups, or work towards a peak pose you’ve been striving to hit. You don’t have to wait for a reason to schedule a private group session — grab your friends and join us this week!

If you have any questions about bringing your event to our yoga studio or setting up your space to accommodate an on-site class, we invite you to reach out to the Black Lotus Yoga team! Email us at to start planning your event!

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