Class Descriptions

Beginner Yoga

These entry-level classes introduce the fundamental principles of alignment and breath work. Students will be guided through yoga postures through step-by-step verbal description and physical demonstration. Emphasis is placed on student understanding, safety, and stability within each pose. If you have never tried yoga, this series is perfect for you! It is designed to meet the needs of those new to yoga as well as those seeking increased understanding and mastery of basic yoga poses.


Vinyasa (translated as “flowing with breath”) is a dynamic style of yoga that weaves together physical postures to the rhythm of inhales and exhales, creating a steady internal flow for the practice. Our Vinyasa Flow classes are designed to cultivate heat in the body through creative sequences with a strong focus on the power of breath awareness. Vinyasa Flow yoga classes tend to be more vigorous and aerobic. You’ll get your heartrate up while enjoying a variety of music styles and class themes depending on your instructor’s style.

Power Vinyasa

With this powerful, energetic form of yoga, expect to fluidly move through postures while connecting breath with movement. It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, and physical and mental stamina. Baron Baptiste, the founder of this form of yoga, describes this practice as “the perfect blend of sweat and serenity.”

Stability Class

This all-levels practice focuses on building a strong base of poses. This class is a complete workout for mind and body — you’ll build strength and flexibility while reducing stress. Our Stability class offers a deep experience of clarity, steadiness, and enhanced well-being to beginners and advanced students alike. This class will help you achieve stability in body and mind by guiding you through postures and breathing techniques designed to promote mental clarity,emotional steadiness, and physical balance. The sequence of postures in our stability classes doesn’t change, so you can revisit this class at any time to work on your balance and build a stronger foundation for your practice.


Known as the “yoga of awareness”, Kundalini yoga opens your heart, builds strength, and elevates the energy located at the base of your spine. This style of yoga focuses on breath and movement and challenges you both physically and mentally. In this class, you will spend the majority of the time in a seated position for breath work and guided meditation and mantra, before ending with a healing Savasana Gong Sound Bath. Kundalini is suitable for all levels and is a great compliment to any yoga practice.

Earth Lotus

This Active Restorative Yoga will deepen your practice using blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, chairs, and the wall to enhance movement and improve postures. It brings peace and tranquility to the mind with breathing techniques and meditation practices. Experience yoga as healing in this beginner-to-intermediate practice.

Restorative Yoga

Stillness is a powerful practice. Prepare yourself for deep relaxation. Restorative classes are a great way to relax in the middle or at the end of the day and are the perfect compliment to any active practice. This is a time to slow down and open your body through passive stretching while clearing the mind through meditation. Restorative poses are held for longer periods of time and are assisted by props, bolsters, and blankets. Supporting the body in this way allows the muscles to relax deeply in seated and supine poses. Restorative yoga is suitable and beneficial for all skill levels.

Mindful Flow & Breathwork

Restore balance, feel grounded, and reconnect with your body. This class focuses on mindful, intentional breathing linked with movement to create calmness and relaxation in the body and to promote mental clarity. It is suitable for all levels.

Gentle Chair Yoga

Moving between floor-based and standing poses can be uncomfortable and even painful for many people. We’re making yoga more accessible with class requiring no floor time! This practice modifies yoga poses so that they may be done while seated in a chair or standing near a chair for assistance. This makes yoga accessible to people with mobility or balance concerns. While seated in a chair, students can do versions of twists, hip stretches, forward bends, and small backbends. Depending upon the individual, poses may also be done while standing, utilizing the chair for stability and balance. People who may benefit from Gentle Chair Yoga include seniors and individuals with limited mobility, scoliosis, or who are recovering from injury or recent childbirth. Additional props — folded blankets, yoga blocks, and belts — can be incorporated as needed.


Curious about a certain aspect of yoga? Want to dive deeper? You’ll find what you need in our workshops. The Black Lotus Yoga team is proud to offer opportunities for you to grow, learn, and meet new friends in the context of our yoga classes. Our instructors bring more than a decade of combined experience and are always coming up with new ways to share the incredible benefits of yoga. Check out our workshops and be sure to connect with us on social media so you don’t miss out.

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